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Our Agricosmetics start right here – and not only because everything comes to life from the earth.
It originates in our Ortofficina farm, because the concrete translation of our rural language finds meaning precisely in biodynamic cultivation. Its rows of medicinal plants conceal the reason that drives us to be agricultural producers. Along its slopes, we work to preserve the value of biodiversity, well aware of the importance of giving back to the earth that which it generously offers us, in order to obtain purer, richer and more concentrated cosmetic ingredients.
Aware that we can only cultivate plants rich in antioxidants and active ingredients from healthy and vital soils, on our farm immersed in Bologna’s hills we rely exclusively on the biodynamic method to grow plants, shrubs and aromatic herbs, which are transformed into the “0 km” ultraperforming complexes of essential oils, extracts and hydrolates used in our formulations.


The biodynamic method is the purest and most effective type of cultivation, free of pesticides, herbicides, insecticides and synthetic fertilisers used in traditional agriculture. The deep bond with nature and our full respect for its rhythms allow us to obtain the most concentrated and effective active ingredients.
The 3 key principles of biodynamics are:
  • maintaining the fertility of the earth by respecting man, plants, the soil and the planet;
  • nourishing the soil by using biodynamic preparations and heap
  • taking advantage of the moon’s influence to respect the sowing and harvesting cycles.
The health of plants and the fertility of the soil hide the true secret to – really – taking care of oneself. Soil cultivated using the biodynamic method returns ingredients that offer excellent organoleptic properties, protects biodiversity and is more effective in resisting erosion and climate change.
For us, diffusing the use of clean agriculture means promoting it with all our partners, from the field to the finished product, according to our guarantee and quality standards. Biodynamic and organic agricultural methods are agroecological systems that respect the earth in the deepest sense of the word.
In all Oway products, both biodynamic and organic active ingredients come from our Ortofficina farm or are sourced from other certified Italian partner producers.
All our agricosmetics are produced with 100% green energy. Oway has in fact chosen to use renewable energy in its facilities, relying on the cleanest, most natural and inexhaustible source available to our planet: the sun.

TOK Beauty

TOK Beauty is a conversation about forgiveness. This is beauty you can feel good in. We’re leaning in and letting go. 

Beauty shouldn't be overwhelming or complicated. We believe it should be simple, straight-forward and free - whatever we each decide we want it to be. 
TOK Beauty exists to alleviate all the pressure that comes with your daily beauty routine. We want to make purchasing beauty products more approachable, affordable and far more joyful.

Sunna Tan

Established in 2011 in Calgary, Canada, SunnaTan was born from a desire to provide a safe alternative to harmful UV tanning, and to prevent the permanent and irreversible damage it has on skin. To this day, the heart and soul of SunnaTan are the 100+ passionate SunnaTan airbrush artists across Canada who are deeply committed to providing natural, safe skin care solutions. While SunnaTan has grown and evolved over the years, our mission remains to maintain healthy skin, confidence and natural beauty for now and the future.
SunnaTan is an all-natural, tanning experience. Our exclusive all-natural tanning formula works with each unique skin tone to deliver a flawless glow.
Our unique spray tan solutions contain skin-happy ingredients, including: sunflower oil, bark extract, gotu kola, ehinacea and green tea. Carefully formulated and perfected by a natural chemist.