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Oway Precious Wax is a multi-purpose care and styling aid made with a nourishing blend of vegetable waxes, shea butter and pure essential oils. It can be used on the hair to create soft definition and eliminate volume, or as an ultra protective balm for the lips, hands or cuticles.

Made with only pure, steam-distilled essential oils grown on our family-owned farms in Bologna, Italy.

HOLD: 0/6 | SHINE: 3/6

Size: 50ml


♥ Adds soft shine and definition
♥ Can decrease unnecessary volume in a natural way
♥ Versatility allows it to be used on the hair, lips and hands
♥ Packaged in infinitely recyclable amber glass to protect ingredient integrity
♥ Cruelty-Free
Does Not Contain:
✕ Parabens
✕ GMOs
✕ Petroleum
✕ Phthalates
✕ Synthetic Fragrance
✕ PEGs, PPGs & BGs
✕ Artificial Colorants


Biodynamic Marrubium reinforces of the structure of the hair and protects against UV damage.
Olive Wax this vegan-friendly wax supplies hair with proteins, minerals and vitamins.
Carnuba Wax is high-quality vegetable wax extracted from palm trees to leave the hair soft and shiny.
Amla Extract is an Ayurvedic plant also known as "goose berry." It's rich in polyphenols and Vitamin C that strengthen the hair, while promoting healthy hair growth.

Apply small amount to dry hair and work from strand to strand or apply directly to targeted area and blend.  Excellent for reducing volume or use a very small amount to tame flyaways.