Circolo Scalp Massage Brush

Circolo Scalp Massage Brush

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Sustainably designed by Italian craftsmen, our Oway Circolo Brush gently relieves the scalp's micro-tension, while stimulating nutrient delivery to the hair and scalp. Together, these benefits boost the efficacy of our Oway Hair Loss products and promote healthy hair growth with each and every use.

Made with sustainable FSC-certified ash wood and natural, hypoallergenic rubber, and a natural cotton strap for ease of use.  



♥ Promotes new hair growth
♥ Relieves scalp's micro-tension to induce relaxation and enhance product penetration
♥ Stimulates the scalp by boosting the delivery of blood and nutrients to the hair follicle
♥ Enhances the penetration and efficacy of hair loss products and treatments
♥ Made with 100% sustainable, non-plastic materials
♥ Cruelty-Free + Vegan


Made with 100% FSC-certified ash wood with an organic cotton strap and natural, hypoallergenic rubber base.


STEP ONE: Release scalp micro-tension with our OWAY CIRCOLO Scalp Stimulating Brush, focusing on the 9.A.A point (preferential application areas). Massage scalp areas in circular motion clockwise and counterclockwise.
STEP TWO: Cleanse hair with OWAY MICRO-STIMULATING HAIR BATH. Massage for 1-2. Rinse.
STEP THREE: Condition the hair's mids-lengths with chosen OWAY HAIR MASK OR CONDITIONER. Rinse.
STEP FOUR: Spray OWAY DENSIFYING REMEDY or VIVIFYING REMEDY or NOCTURNAL REMEDY (For Men at Night) to the 9 P.A.A. points. Use OWAY CIRCOLO Brush to massage areas both clockwise and counterclockwise. Do not rinse.